About Produce at Your Door.

Produce At Your Door brings you the comfort and ability to shop from your own home!

Produce at your Door is a home delivery service of produce and other select products.  What makes us different from all the others is that you can select the products and the quantities you would like to order or choose from our predesigned packages. .  It was our goal to make shopping in a safe environment for the best quality produce for your family. Having a Kosher Supervisor on site also, encourages us to prepare Kosherized greens.

During these trying times, BH Gourmet had to figure a way of keeping the business moving and continue to service our customer base. Having Susan on board and because, of her background in produce we came up with the idea of Produce at Your Door. We source our produce from the freshest local farms and distributors to bring you the highest quality ingredients.

We strive to bring you consistency, freshness and creativity all so that we can elevate your table. 

About Susan

Growing up my parents always made sure that we had the freshest and best quality fruits and vegetables at our table. My father always demanded the best produce, only items with no dents!

I remember him schlepping me to many different local farms down in the South to choose the highest quality produce.  Of course, I didn’t always want to go (being a kid), but it became a passion for me through the years to continue this way of life, eating and picking healthy fruits and vegetables.  I guess that quality time I spent with my father became a passion for me.

This became my career path when I went into the workforce. I educated myself on the different ways of growing fruits and vegetables, how to select and where to buy the best quality.  I worked for a produce supplier as a purchaser and developed relationships with the local farmers and their pickers.  Every week, I would receive inside information from them on what was the best produce to buy at that time. I had a reputation in the marketplace for only accepting the highest quality and would reject any average produce.

Remember that our prices will be the lowest in town, handpicked highest quality produce, sanitized and delivered right to your door without having to leave your home!

Why Produce At Your Door?

Our competitive low-prices, good deals and weekly specials can provide huge savings and accommodate a tight budget
You can customize your produce orders weekly
Pick and receive just what you need
Select fresh of the highest quality, handpicked fruits & vegetables.
Our products are carefully selected and the best of the market
Our representatives are trained to provide excellent customer service, answer any questions, and provide solutions
We stand by our policies to provide same-day or next day delivery service to receive the freshest product.
Navigation on our website is clear and legible. Use the search button to find a product quickly.
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